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September 11, 2017
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September 11, 2017
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GX350 Gas-Powered Ventilator

The RAMFAN GX350 Gas Powered Ventilator with PowerStream® Technology offers superior ventilation with less equipment clutter and reduced noise. Powered by a Honda GX200 5.5Hp motor, the GX350 fan has the capacity to run for almost two hours. PowerStream air straighteners produce a powerful, focused beam of air allowing the GX350 to be set back up to 18 feet from a structure’s entrance without sacrificing PPV exhaust performance or obstructing entryways. Be sure to ask about our complete line of RAMFAN products available.



  • PowerStream® Air Straighteners support greater setback distances up to 18 feet
  • PowerShroud® design combines the shroud, front fan guard, air straighteners, tilt handle and mister into a single unitized polycarbonate-abs shell for lighter weight and extreme durability. -30°-120° F operating range
  • ONE-Step™ Tilt Adjustment – easily change the angle of the fan from 0° – 18° for ventilation over steps, porches, slopes and other fireground obstacles
  • WIDE-Trac Semi-Pneumatic Urethane Tires
  • Welded, Unitized Steel Frame