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We believe ..

We believe in giving back to the rescue movement in India. The interest by Government, NGO’s and corporates in supporting disaster risk mitigation in India and its neighboring countries grows day by day. We have committed to support this growth.



Our responsible business strategy is a continual journey. Our CSR Strategy has covered the following areas:
1. Providing free water safety training to the masses
2. Developing infrastructure like portable pools to improve water safety awareness
3. Sponsoring Athletes to compete at the professional level


key achievements

Our key achievements in the sector have been:
1. Our water safety awareness program have trained over 4,000 children to learn swimming
2. We have support NGO’s in India to establish rural portable pool training centers in Pune, Bangalore and Mysore.
3. Indian Team sponsored by us competed and ranked 8th overall at the World Life Saving Championships 2014 in Monterpellier, France.
We wish to continue these activities and look forward to other corporates joining hands with us to join our movement.