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Open Water Lifeguard and Boat Operation Training

Educating and empowering the local youth around. #lifeguard training
March 5, 2016
First Aid for Riders (FAR)
April 21, 2016

Open Water Lifeguard and Boat Operation Training

Indian Rescue academy conducted Open Water Lifeguard Training and Boat Operation Training program from 26th February to  2016 till 1st March 2016 on the banks of river Krishna in Sangliwadi at Sangli District.


The training session was carried out by Mr Vikram Srinath who conducted  the first aid and open water lifeguarding  training program.

The Training was scheduled for 5 days which involved various activities in How to save a life on land and how to save a life in open water.

A brief session on risk management was conducted by Mr Mayur Paygude to inculcate  the importance of safety  among the  participants.

After the land based training the participants  were treated to the basic operation and handling on OBM Motor Boats.

Life Saving Techniques which included Dry and wet  water Rescue were thought in different simulated scenarios.

Land based Scenarios involved in helping a victim suffering from various situations like heart attack, Bleeding, fractures and safeguarding of the situation  till a professional medical help arrives were also conducted  to make the participants aware of the importance lifesaving in their day to day lives.