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Itus to Partner with Andhra Pradesh Government to make Godavari Pushkaram’s safer

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October 28, 2015
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Itus to Partner with Andhra Pradesh Government to make Godavari Pushkaram’s safer

Hyderabad, 26 April 2015: The Andhra Pradesh government plans to make the Godavari Pushkarams – 2015 a mega event, with a large number of devotees from across the country expected to attend. It is said, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be invited to inaugurate the Pushkarams be held in July 2015.

With over 4 Crore visiting the bathing ghats, the Government of Andhra Pradesh have realized the importance of a professionally operated water safety service. A recent tender for supply of flood rescue equipment and training of over 400 personnel in rescue techniques was won by Itus Sports and Safety Services Pvt Ltd from Pune. Itus shall be supplying state of the art inflatable boats, rescue equipment and clothing for the Andhra Pradesh State Disaster Response and Fire Services. ‘The scrutiny process for checking the quality of these equipments has been intense. The Government are committed to ensuring that the best of facilities are available for the event,’ said Amarprit Singh, Director of Itus.

The training partner in this project shall be Life Saving Society of India, which has been working with the National Disaster Rescue Force and trained over 18,000 people. Further, expert trainers from New Zealand shall be arriving in India from 25th April and staying on till the end of the event to oversee the training process and assist in the setup of aquatic rescue services. Mr. Scott Busing, from Wellington, who is also an expert driver of the Inflatable Rescue Boat will be facilitating the training project in partnership with trainers from LSSI Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal.


The trainees will be trained in basic lifesaving techniques in water, first aid, operation of inflatable boats and advanced rescue equipments such as Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and medical oxygen.

Mr Amarprit Singh also stated that ‘Itus’s commitment to lifesaving has been ingrained since its formation. To be part of an intitative to provide these lifesaving services for the community during such a holy festival which comes once in twelve years is a chance to earn the blessings of many.’